Meet MedPro

Our origins go back more than a century, when two doctors formed the nation’s first healthcare liability insurance company. Our founders’ vision was to protect the reputations and assets of their peers, allowing them to focus on patient care.

120+ years later, our industry has changed dramatically, and the intersection of insurance and healthcare is one of the most dynamic fields in the marketplace. But amidst the evolution, one thing remains the same for MedPro — our core values. We’re a team that works with relentless passion to provide the best healthcare liability insurance to more than 300,000 insureds.

Our Culture

Every organization has a unique culture, and we’re really proud of ours. We believe the five core values that define our inclusive culture are the reason for our high employee retention.

  • Uncompromising Integrity
    Integrity is about always doing the right thing, even when no one else is holding us accountable. We live by that creed, and look for like-minded individuals to help us uphold this gold standard.
  • Obsessive Client Focus
    The heart of what we do is delighting our customers. Our brand is a promise to them, and we keep that promise every day, from the way we answer the phone to the way we relentlessly defend our insureds in the courtroom.
  • Great Teamwork
    For us, teamwork has three parts: transparency, trust, and thanks. That means we encourage honest dialogue, and foster the trust it takes to best support one another and our clients. We also make it a point to express gratitude to one another. Our approach to teamwork is one reason we have a 95% employee retention rate.
  • Strong Performance
    We’re the industry leader, but we still strive to continually improve. We encourage one another as individuals and as teams to keep raising the bar — to challenge ourselves and to better serve our customers.
  • Disciplined 100-Year Outlook
    If you were running your own business with the intent of ensuring it would be around for the next century, how would you do it? That’s the question we ask ourselves every day as we serve our customers, who count on the protection that comes with stability and longevity.